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Вторник, 23 Августа 2005 г.
16:59 Info on crit and hit chances | 6/8/2005 1:05:10 AM PDT
motive has shared some details on the calculations of hit and crit chances:

part 1

The way WoW calculates crit rate is over ALL attacks. Crit rate is not based on hits only. In other words, if you have a 5% crit rate, that 5% chance includes misses.

All crit rate adjusting abilities, items, and talents add the flat % to the base % crit rate. So if I have a 5% base crit rate and then use an item or talent that increases that crit rate (let's use Improved Backstab talent for example - +30% crit), my new crit with backstab is 35%.

Regarding how defense decreases the rate of critical strikes, each point of defense that a target has over the attacker, the attacker loses 0.04% chance to crit. So, for example, if a level 60 Rogue is attacking a level 60 Warrior who has 25 defense, the rogue's crit rate will be decreased by 1%.

part 2

+toHit items subtract from your miss%.

So, ignoring all defensive actions (Block/Parry/Dodge/etc..) if I have 20% crit chance, 20% miss chance, and 60% hit chance and I equip an item that gives me +5% toHit and +5% crit, my stats become 25% crit, 15% miss chance, 60% hit chance.

New hit chance = (Original hit%) + (toHit modifiers) - (crit modifiers)
60% + 5% - 5% = 60%

New crit chance = (Original crit%) + (crit modifiers)
20% + 5% = 25%

New miss chance - (Original miss%) - (toHit modifiers)
20% - 5% = 15%
Community Manager, English
Пятница, 22 Апреля 2005 г.
14:21 wow, sum sh1t
- Увеличивает Armor Class на 2 за каждую единицу agi
- Увеличивает шанс нанесения крита с ближним и дальним оружием. Прибавка на единицу agi зависит от уровня и класса. Для большинства классов на 60lvl примерно +20agi дадут примерно +1% crit. chance. Для rogue +29agi=+1% crit. chance, для Хантеров +53agi=+1% crit. chance
- Увеличивает шанс уклониться от атаки (dodge). Прибавка к доджу зависит от уровня и класса. Для бол-ва 60lvl классов примерно 20agi прибавляют примерно 1% к шансу уклониться. Рогам надо 14.5 agi на 1%, хантерам 26.5agi.

- Увеличивает шанс, что по тебе промахнутся(miss).
- Увеличивает шансы на dodge, parry и block.
- Уменьшает шанс нанесения крита по тебе.
- Уменьшает шанс, что по тебе нанесут “crushing blow”. Мобы выше тебя уровнем имеют шанс нанести “crushing blow”, который наносит дополнительный физ. дамаг. Шанс “crushing blow” у моба растёт вместе с увелечинием разницы между ним и тем, по кому он бьёт. Игроки никогда не наносят “crushing blow”, только мобы.

Attack Power
- Attack Power даёт +1dps для оружий ближнего боя(melee) за каждые 14 attack power.
- Роги и Хантеры получают по 1 к attack power за каждую единицу str и agi. Остальные – по 2 в attack power за каждую единицу str.
Четверг, 17 Июня 2004 г.
01:43 dmg modification 1.10 [seems final, 19.05.2004]
Damage Modification/Application in 1.10 :
1 : Apply PvP penalties

for detailed information about Pvp penalties see the Jarulf post.

2 : Handle Target's effects :

Energy Shield (Sorceress)
Bone Armor (NecroMancer)
Cyclone Armor (Druid)

3 : If Target has "Can not be Frozen", set Chill and Freeze duration to zero.

4 : If Target has "Half Freeze Duration", set Chill and Freeze duration to half the value.

Note :
Thawing potions (if applicable) will influence the effective Cold Resistance of the Target thus affecting the Cold Damage and Cold Duration of damage taken. Read for Cold both Chill and Freeze.

5 : If Target has a Poison Resist Shrine active, set Poison duration to zero.

Antidote potions (if applicable) will act as a Poison Resist Shrine.

6 : If Target has a Fire Resist Shrine active, set Burning duration to zero.

7 :
Apply -xx Damage Reduce to Physical Damage
Apply -xx Magic Damage Reduce to Fire, Lightning, Cold and Magic Damage.

Note :
%% "(Type) Damage Reduce" items are used to calculate the effective Resistance against the particular type of attack.
They belong in step 8.

8 : Apply Resistances :
Resistances are capped at :

Physical Damage Resistance (aka Damage Reduced by) :
Minimum = -100%
Maximum = 50% (requires the use of items)

Elemental Resistances (Fire, Cold, Lightning and Poison)
Minimum = -100%
Maximum = 75% or with the use of items 95%

Example of such an item :
Guardian Angel Unique Templar Coat armor,
+15 to Maximum Fire, Cold, Lightning and Poison Resistance.

Magical Damage Resistance
Minimum = 0%
Maximum = 10% (Safety Craft shield 5% to 10%)

Notes :
Magical Damage Resistance can theoretically have :
Minimum = -100%
Maximum = 75 (or 95% with the use of items)
But the game is currently not set up to reach those limits.

Reduce Poison Length is hard capped at Maximum 75%.

9. Apply %% Absorption (capped at 40%.)

10. Apply -xx Absorption. (capped at whatever amount of damage, if any, remains).

Note :
Absorption works as follows :

Absorp the damage (at this point NO damage is dealt!
Apply Damage absorped to Target as Life.
Target can never receive Life above its Maximum Hitpoints.
Continue with damage resolution steps.

At this point in time you will receive the final damage (if any is left).
That final damage may be processed further for effects like Thorns/Iron Maiden etcetera.

Notes :
There is Magic Damage Absorption in the game with the Runeword Crescent Moon (9 - 11).

Monsters in the game use different values for Resistances :
Physical Damage Resistance -100% to Immune (100% and above
Elemental Resistances -100% to Immune
Magical Damage Resistance 0% to Immune ((only in the current game setup!)

Frame Based Attacks :
Poison damage
Open Wounds
etcetera are handled seperatedly

Crushing Blow (CB)
This is a special case and is done FIRST before all other damage.
CB takes into account the Physical Damage Resistance the target has.
If that Physical Damage Resistance is below zero then CB treats it if it were set to zero.

There is a big part missing here, I will edit in later as soon as I have found my notes.

Open Wounds
Open Wounds deals no damage but instead sets the Life Regeneration Counter of the Target to a Negative value for a period of 8 seconds.

Open Wounds is applied as follows against different Types of Targets :
Melee : 25% (effectiveness)
Ranged : 12.5%

Boss :
Melee : 50%
Ranged : 50%

Other :
Melee : 100%
Melee : 100%

Open Wounds can be triggered by a Physical Attack (done with a weapon)against a Physical Immune target if the Attack carries either Elemental and/or Magical Damage as well and the Target can be and is damaged by that.
In other words as long as you are able to start the regeneration of a Monster in any way (life below Maximum) then Open Wounds will be activated even against a Physical Immune Monster.

Open Wounds and Spells :
Adeyke is going to write something about this subject because I do not understand a single bit of it.
There is exception upon exception if spells are involved.

If multiple Open Wounds (from different sources) are triggered upon a Target then the one with the highest value for the Negative Life Regeneration will be the one active untill it :

expires after 8 seconds
is overwritten by a higher valued Open Wounds triggered on the Target.

Different sources does not mean different items with Chance on Open Wounds on one single source.
Those are summed up and give one and only one chance to trigger Open Wounds for that source.

A report by Librarian indicates that only the Duration is reset and that the first Open Wound damage dealt is applied and stays applied as long as the timer does not reach zero. Consider this a bug.

All of this was discovered by Jarulf and posted in great detail here : Jarulf's post.

Tommi G. has detailed info on his page here I nicked some info of his page to repost here.

Ruvanal as always scanned my writings for errors and dotted the proverbial letter i here and there.

Adeyke for additional information.

Tharn for absorption details

compiled by Hunky from AB
Четверг, 10 Июня 2004 г.
16:28 were [bear / wolf] drui dmg calc
Четверг, 8 Апреля 2004 г.
00:56 1.10 ed+min/max jewels bug
%ед джавал - добавляет и мин дмг% и макс дмг%
ед% / мин джавал - добавляет макс дмг на ед%, и мин дмг на мин.
ед%/ макс джавал - добавляет макс дмг на макс, и мин дмг на ед%.



Initial conditions:
Modded short sword to have 1-2 damage and get no extra damage from strength (to eliminate excess off-weapon ED) but have a high range (just for convenience).

Modded monsters to spawn in large groups and not move at all and have 50 hitpoints and not regenerate.

Level 99 Paladin with no skills.

Control group:
Just a 1-2 damage short sword. Calculated damage: 1-2. LCS damage: 1-2.

Takes about 32-34 hits to kill a monster. Average damage per hit is about 1.47-1.56.

The damage is consistent with what 1-2 should do.

ED only group:
The 1-2 damage short sword, plus an armour with 3 Ruby jewels, for +100% ED. Calculated damage: 2-4. LCS damage: 2-4.

Takes about 15-18 hits to kill a monster. Average damage per hit is about 2.78-3.33.

The damage is consistent with what 2-4 should do.

Max only group:
The 1-2 damage short sword, plus an armour with 3 jewels of Ire, for +15 max ED. Calculated damage: 1-17. LCS damage: 1-17.

Takes about 4-9 hits to kill a monster. Average damage per hit is about 5.56-12.5.

The damage is consistent with what 1-17 should do.

ED and max group:
The 1-2 damage short sword, plus an armour with 3 Ruby jewels of Ire, for +100% ED and +15 max ED (it took a lot of rerolling to get those ). Calculated damage: 2-34. LCS damage: 2-17.

Takes about 4-8 hits to kill a monster. Average damage per hit is about 6.25-12.5.

The damage is consistent with what 2-17 should do. It would be quite unlikely that I'd need this many hits with a 2-34 damage weapon. If it was 2-34, 17% of of the time, I'd kill in two hits, 60% in three hits. That definitely wasn't happening.

So it does look like the bug isn't just a display bug. Unfortunately, this means I really don't know what the bug could be and what else it could affect.

by Alex Adeyke from AB
Вторник, 13 Января 2004 г.
00:13 Weapon Damage Calculations by Tommi Gustafsson
Воскресенье, 14 Декабря 2003 г.
02:36 The animation_lengths for the GH of the mercs
The animation_lengths for the GH of the mercs are as follows

6 Rogue
8 Townguard
9 Iron Wolf
5 BarbMerc-1hs
5 BarbMerc-2hs (not in use as of v1.09, but it appears that there are some wandering about in some of the v1.10 screenshot previews)

None of the mercs have any blocking animations, this include the Iron Wolves.
Вторник, 7 Октября 2003 г.
12:29 FBR by Rivo @ AB
Further more,the block animation has a similar problem in my opinion.
efbr=fbr*120/(fbr+120),no cap.



and the table looks like:


Base=5(sor) and 6(nec/dru) are same as fhr-tables.
dis one:

fhr-----efhr-----speed(frame=1/25 second)


confirmed by ruvanal, hammerman, ...
12:28 FHR by Rivo @ AB
We know normal attack speed is calculated through thus formula:
Then the game will pick pictures from *.dcc files speed_mod by speed_mod.So
will can get such a formula:
speed={256*(base+1)/[256*(100+eias)/100]}-1,it is no problem.

But something unexpected occured when I checked into the gethit animations.
In *.dcc files Sorceress's gethit animation has 8 pictures(8 frames) per
direction.It seems,if no faster_hit_recovery item equiped,Sorceress will
recover from a gethit damage during 8 frames(8/25 seconds).But,can she really
recover so fast?From my research,it is 15 frames.The reason is that the
speed_mod for gethit animation should be (50+efhr)*256/100.

So the gethit speed formula is:
fhr=xx% faster hit recovery
efhr=fhr*120/(fhr+120),there is no cap for efhr.


(These base value is from dcc files,and it is a little different from the #gethit values in

So we can get the hit_recovery_table:

fhr-----efhr-----speed(frame=1/25 second)




Sounds unbelievable or even ridiculous?I also feels that somewhat.
I doubt the subsistent hit-recovery data for a long time,so I drag these
out,maybe aslo something incorrect.
All the results above base on Single and IPX mode games of LoD 1.09d,can't say
anything about that on BattleNet Servers.

Edit:bp for 7 to 6 of amazon get hit should be 52,not 53,thank nookiestar a lot.

This post has been edited by Rivo on Jun 19, 2003 - 8:33 AM

confirmed by ruvanal, hammerman, ...
Суббота, 4 Октября 2003 г.
01:15 baba cb fps
Character Barbarian
Weapon Colossus Blade / Kolossklinge,
Skill Berserk
WIAS [right weapon] 0 %
IAS Frames per attack Attacks per second
0 % 16 1.5
6 % 15 1.6
15 % 14 1.7
24 % 13 1.9
39 % 12 2
58 % 11 2.2
89 % 10 2.5
147 % 9 2.7
Суббота, 20 Сентября 2003 г.
06:48 roflmao
Воскресенье, 14 Сентября 2003 г.
11:19 109-110 patched versionz
Пропатченные файлы:
1.09d -
1.10 -

На всякий случай, перед их установкой сделайте бэкап файла d2lang.dll. Если после распаковки архива у вас возникнут проблемы с запуском игры - верните этот файл на место.
by -=Raynor=- @ AG
11:17 PvP Sorc by mao.
PvP Sorc by mao.

1. Tal-Rasha's Adjudication (set) 670
2. Skin of the Vipermagi 290
3. String of Ears 290
4. Waterwalk 320
5. Magefist 230
6. Harlequin Crest 620
7. Stone of Jordan 290
8. Stone of Jordan 290
9. Stormshield 730
10.The Oculus 420
11.Jewel 15% All Resistances -15% Requirements 150
12.Jewel 12% Damage Goes To Mana Damage +7% fast hit recovery 150

+1050 (21 life charms) = 5500

life ~1.5
mana ~500-700
dr% = 68
Fast.cast = 80
All resist. => 75 on nightmare diff.
Block% = 75
TS lvl = 30
FO lvl = 30

Summary = winner
Четверг, 24 Июля 2003 г.
02:26 BNETD D2 serverz checker
Понедельник, 14 Июля 2003 г.
18:37 a2 mercs weaponz speed
IAS 0% 10% 25% 45% 75% 145%
FPA 7,5 7 6,5 6 5,5 5

Cryptic Axe
IAS 0% 5% 15% 25% 35% 60% 95% 150% 295%
FPA 9 8,5 8 7,5 7 6,5 6 5,5 5

IAS 0% 10% 30% 55% 105%
FPA 7 6,5 6 5,5 5

Hone Sundan (yari)/Kelpi Snear(fuscina)/Ghost Spear
IAS 0% 10% 20% 40% 65% 105% 200%
FPA 8 7,5 7 6,5 6 5,5 5

Spire of Honor (Lance)/ War Pike
IAS 0% 5% 10% 20% 25% 40% 55% 80% 130% 210%
FPA 10 9,5 9 8,5 8 7,5 7 6,5 6 5,5

by Heretic @
Четверг, 19 Июня 2003 г.
18:59 Resistance Calculations
Resistances are reduced by certain skills as well as the difficulty penalty. The final resistance is calculated as follows:

1. Sum up resistances from all sources
2. Apply all reduction effects, except Cold Mastery --> subtract their effects from the result
3. Apply cold mastery --> multiply the result by 1 - Cold Mastery % / 100 and round down (only with cold resistance)
4. Apply difficulty penalty --> subract the penalty from the result
5. Apply lower and upper limits

For example, with cold resistance, you have to take all these effects into account. Its formula is as follows:

Total Cold Resistance = [(Sum of Cold Resistances - Sum of Cold Resistance Reduction Effects) * (1 - Cold Mastery % / 100)] - Difficulty Penalty

In this formula, difficulty penalty is 40 for nightmare difficulty and 100 for hell difficulty. The values of reduction effects are entered as positive values into the sum. [] indicates rounding down. Then, to deterimine the final cold resistance, you apply the lower and upper limits to the total cold resistance.
[c] tgustafs
Понедельник, 26 Мая 2003 г.
12:52 Damage with Smite
Damage with Smite:

Total Smite Damage = [Shield Base Dmg + Holy Shield Bonus ] * [1 + Stat Bonus by Weapon (1) + Smite Dmg Bonus + Fanaticism Dmg Bonus + Total ED% on Gear (2)

(1) This bonus depends on the weapon you are using and on your stats. Daggers have a 75 Str / 75 Dex bonus. This means, for every point in Strength or Dexterity, you gain 0,75% ED. (example: A Dagger, 200 Str, 150 Dex gives you (200* 0,75 + 150 * 0,75 = ) 262,5% ED). Almost all the other weapons have 100 Str bonus, meaning that they give 1% ED with each point in Strength (example: A Sword, 200 Str, 150 Dex gives you (200* 1,00 = ) 200% ED).
To summarize this: Daggers will probably work best for Pala’s pumping both Dex. and Str. For a Str-only Pala, or someone with very little Dex, another weapon will work better. Just keep in mind that this bonus is relatively small, considering that lvl 20 Fana + Smite gives you 673% ED already.

(2) This are all the sources on ED on all your gear, except on your weapon. Where the ED% comes from, is not important. Even the ED% on your shield (automod / socket) is only acting as ‘extra’ ED%, instead of working on your base shield damage. The ED% to Demons / Undead also belongs here.

Things do and do not work with Smite in alphabetical order:

Attack Rating: Is not needed, Smite auto-hits.

Chance to cast spell by %: Works on the Realm, not on single player

Crushing Blow: Works (works too when it comes from your weapon)

Deadly Strike: Does unfortunately not work

Elemental Damage anywhere: Does not work

Enhanced Damage on Weapon: Does not work

Enhanced Damage on Everything else: Does work

Enhanced Damage to Demons / Undead: Seems to work.

Freezes Target: Does work, and it might be useful if you are annoyed by the KB effect of Smite, since freezed monsters will not be knocked back.

Hit blinds Target: Works. Might be useful as Smite knocks the blinded creatures out of range, making them just sit there while blinded.

Hit causes Monster to Flee %: Works, but Smite’s stun length will probably be longer than the duration of the fear-effect, so no real use.

Holy Shock Damage: Does not work

ITD on Weapon: Don’t bother, Smite has inherent ITD, so it automatically hits 95%.

Life Leech: Does not work (Check Life Tap if you really need Life Leech)

Life Tap: Does work. Use a wand or dagger for charges of it, or ask your friendly neighbour Necro.

Mana Leech: Does not work

Max / Min Damage: Does not work, not from Charms, nor from other gear(example: Wartravelers, sockets)

Open Wounds: Does not work

Slows Target %: Does work

Sanctuary vs. PI undead

Sanctuary sets the physical resistance on all the undead in the area of the skill to 0 (zero) at the moment you select this skill. You don’t have to wait for the aura to activate or pulse. This makes you capable of killing Physical Immumes, which you otherwise couldn’t. The % ED on Sanctuary does work with Smite.

from AB by diff pplz
Воскресенье, 25 Мая 2003 г.
21:50 gufstansson pwnz j00
pvm pally complete build descr w. tablez, full explanation, etc
20:59 hammerdinz faster cast table
hammerdinz faster cast table

14 FPS = 9% Fast Cast
13 FPS = 18% Fast Cast
12 FPS = 30% Fast Cast
11 FPS = 48% Fast Cast
10 FPS = 75% Fast Cast
9 FPS = 125% Fast Cast
Среда, 21 Мая 2003 г.
i hate dis dukkin crap
why i cant make a simpl fukkin table -________________-
enjoy dis unformatted sh1t
A Player Hireling Golem Minion Special Boss Monster
tPlayer 1/4 1 1 1 1 1
tHireling 1/4 1/4 1 1 50%, 35%, 25% 1
aGolem 1/2 1 1 1 1 1
cor Minion
kAct 1-4 Boss 1 2 3 5 1 1
eBaal 1 2 4 4 1 1
rMonster 1 1 1 1 1 1