20:22 28-11-2005
Новое развлечение =))

Which beautiful pre-Raphaelite painting represents you?


"Ophelia" as portrayed by John William Waterhouse

You are beautiful and you know it. You care a lot about your looks and about aesthetics in general. Though you know you are pretty you are not exactly a flirt. Instead you carry yourself with a quiet pride and dignity, and it is because of this that people love and respect you so much. You are modest, but you are not prudish. You are proud, but you are not vain. You have been blessed with both looks and a charming personality.
La Fee Verte
20:46 28-11-2005
У меня то же самое)
21:21 28-11-2005
La Fee Verte
Класс =)) мне нравится эта Офелия 8))
15:48 20-12-2005
я, конечно, не в тему, но...ты, наверное, заметила, что меня нет у тебя в закладках, так вот, это не я, из-за каких-то глюков от меня слетели все ПЧ*(((((занесись назад, плиз