09:43 04-01-2007 warm January
It is very warm in January in Montrey, California. 10-20C and no wind. And it is a full moon so one can clearly see the tide and foam and even boats outlines far in the ocean. So peacefull and calm. Pivular enough but thee is not much smell from the ocean in the evening. On the other hand the sounds of waves are much noticable and the view of the water is msgnifecent. There is light everywhere even on a tiny bik path so it feels like a warm nice day.I guess I am still excited and thrilled by this place.

On the pictures below is my path home as I write this letter on the cellphone. It happens that I can use it to visit journals, write a comment, take a picture and immediately attach it. Also there are my brothers family whom I visited in Alabama this Xmas.

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