14:00 06-09-2005 So IM in LOVE
And I dont know what to do with this great feeling inside of me
I miss him much. I miss his eyes, I miss his smile. I like the way he used to touch me.
I m just thinking about him every day,every second of my boring life without him.
I m dreaming about just laying next to him,holding his hand in mine,how we used to lay all night long.
Our sleepless night,when we talked about our lifes,families,friends,feelings,us..everything
I still remember the taste of u lips and smell of u skin.I steel remember your face when I gave u up on Saturday night. How stupid we were. Oh!I wish to turn back time and just spent it with u, without my or yours friends. Just be with you. Feeling your warm inside.
I m becoming crazy,if I just think about another girls.When I imaging another girl,standing next to you,holding you,as I used to hold,it making me crazy.
I now u is too far from me. We like Romeo and Juliet. We arent living in another families, we living in another worlds,another planetsSo hard without you. So sweet was with u
Im dieing without you. Im already dead inside my heart. Course you so far. And our relationship impossible. Sorry baby,if I ever heart you