Вторник, 28 Сентября 2004 г.
Oh yeah ! I like to go in for sports! Sport is very important in our life. It's
popular among young and old people. We have an aerobics. Our boys- classmate are
engaged in aerobics. I like a football! My favourite football-player is Deco. My
site for Deco is http://www.journals.ru/users/ozonesite2
My muscle are ache! It's super! I like it!
My course have 57 studens (41 boys and 16 girls). I'm delighted with!
Суббота, 18 Сентября 2004 г.
I`m very in love with! Why? I love all people! My teacher by informatics is very
beautiful/ STOP!!! I don`t want to love! I don`t want to have a
lovefriens! But!
I must study! i want to be a lawyer. I like this profession. I must be a
Среда, 15 Сентября 2004 г.
14:15 LOVE
The boy, from my group who I like and he likes me, name is Bandana. He took a
photograph me yesterday on his mobile
I like 2 boys yet. Number 1 is Bandana. 2 is Ass from the second course.
Воскресенье, 12 Сентября 2004 г.
Dear friends! I like a boy from University. We look after glances. I know what I
like him. But I have a boy-friend. But he doesn`t my love-friend! My heart is
free. But my boy-friend want to be with me. he want to be my love-friend! He is
from my group (from MOSU). I don`t know what to do! My love-friend is love me
Среда, 8 Сентября 2004 г.
I study in University. My university is called MOSU. I`m student of the first course. I like it! I study on juridical faculty. We [ students ] are making the acquaintance of. The people is very good so far. I don`t know what will be further.