Вторник, 15 Февраля 2005 г.
Sunday morning I woke up from the dram...My husband was making love to me...we were in position 69 - I remember feeling of his hard cock in my mouth and I felt so clearly his toungue in my vagina. But I woke up before I orgazmed in my dream. I laid in bed thinking if I should take care of it myself or wait for husband to wake up. I turned on my stomack and started rubbing my clit, trying to do it quietly and not to wake my husband up.
Finally he woke up and I snuggled with him, and wispered "I had such a nice dream about us!" But he didn't ask what was it about, but started hugging and kissing me instead. It all lead to me reaching for his already big and hard cock and wrapping my lips around it. He turned me so my pussy ws directly above his mouth and started lightly bite my labiae and my clit. Then he slid his toungue inside...I moaned "that's what my dream was about - how did you know that?" THen he put pillow under my pelvis and entered me...it was soooo gooood...I orgazmed several times, wispering "it's so much better than a dream" It was one of the best sex we had.
Среда, 12 Января 2005 г.
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Вот и я завела второй дневник...Не то чтобы я живу двойной жизнью, просто не хочу шокировать своих постоянных читателей.
Причина-просто хочу записывать сюда о сексе с любимым мужем. Поскольку то происходит почти каждый день, материала должно быть достаточно. А начну завтра, должны месячные закончиться к тому времени.