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Words of love, admiration and support for Dan Fogler and the cast of the Fantastic Beasts, updated ... well... randomly. Come once in a while to see more.
Anonymous is a fickle thing and dealing with anonymous is akin to herding cats

Несите сюда слова любви и обожания, послания касту и создателям, арты, стихи, сирца и вопросы, есть шанс передать их Дэну на сентябрьском комик коне.
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Тварь, фантастическая
- We thank you for taking part in creating a character this nice and inspiring, Dan! (This anon got inspired so much he dove into cooking and baking for starters). We wish you success in your acting endeavours, great sales on your comics, that you will be invited to interesting projects to play interesting characters.
Say hello to the rest of the cast (to Eddy in particular )

- This anon would risk asking Dan how he feels about fandom shippering Jacob with other characters aside from Queenie, but anon is afraid these fans are so rare and hard to meet that Dan still had no chance to traumatize himself with their existence


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05-09-2018 09:53
<3<3<3 Dan, we love you! <3 <3 <3
Please, come to Moscow to russian premiere FB2 xD


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табличка анону, здоровая

рисунки Дэну, вместо слов любви и обожания - art for Dan in place of words of love and admiration

Якоб | Jacob

персонаж Дэна из валькиных дидов | Dan's character from the Walking Dead


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05-09-2018 15:09
We love you so much, Dan! Most of us got to know you from Fantastic Beasts and boy do we wait with bated breath to wait and see what adventures Jacob has in the future! I daresay that for most of us when Jacob went all "I want to be a wizard!" it was all of us, united in that impossible dream, and Jacob - the no-maj - became our avatar in the magical world of J.K. Rowling's imagination.
Go on, Jacob! Dream big, touch the stars, do the impossible - live the life among the wizardkind for all of us.
We love you, Dan, and always will.
Тебе спасибо
Если хочешь, можешь вынести из-под ката, тут все равно разницы нет для приходящих.

Ой, нет, пожалуйста, пусть будут под катом.
Я ещё тогда из старого что-нибудь оставлю поприличнее.
Newt&Jacob in red robes

erumpent bread who has seen too much

7 reason to fall in love to Jacob. He is so
hard with enemies and soft with friends

Thank YOU for the great hero!

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05-09-2018 21:37
Messages and words of love to the cast of «Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them»


You are a ray of sunshine and a true joy to watch on screen in any movie that you are in. Your Newt and you yourself are so well loved in out community that you have a nickname «подорожник» after a herb Plantago Major that is known to any child to heal and soothe the pain when applied to a scraped knee or the like. We tend to start posting your photos to calm down any holy wars that start raging in the community and sometimes it even works!
05-09-2018 21:45

You are the Goddess among the anons (yep, that's your official nickname) and, albeit delightfully controversial, help this anon in particular breach the walls of what s/he might have considered acceptable and imaginable. Every time you do something Ezra-like the shout of "Ezra WHY?!" can be heard in outer space XD Thank you for being you, for your fashion style and songs and the wisdom you share. Thank you for Credence. Next time you become Credence, please, let him know that he is loved, unconditionally.
05-09-2018 21:59

Abernathy lovers rejoice in the knowledge that he is coming back in the second installment of the FBAWTF series! There are so many anons who faithfully loved your character even though he was considered an ... as we say, third swan from the right in the eight row (yep, that's a reference to Swan Lake ballet in there somewhere, bear with us). It delighted this anon immensely to learn of Abernathy's return, even if on the wrong side of the law. For some anons - his return on the right side of said law, many people - many opinions! All we want for Abernathy now is a (reasonably) happy end and a first name at last
05-09-2018 22:18

In the unlikely event this actually gets to you somehow by a miraculous chain of accidents let it be known that Director Graves stole my heart even though he never actually appeared on the screen. For a character that never was, Percival Graves made a huge impact on the fan base of the series and we, even after almost two years of complete silence on the matter, still hope there will be some development about him in the future, be it harsh and cold short newspaper clipping stating his untimely demise, revelations about him being a pro-Grindelwald fanatic all along or him returning into the line of duty, damaged, hurt, furious but unbroken. The fandom has a lot of ideas about your character as you might have noticed Your playing of the impostor on the other hand ... Merlin's beard where do I start XD Brilliant, impeccable, and with a healthy dose of sassy. Or unhealthy, depends on how you look at the trail of bodies left in his wake, both figuratively spoken of and quite literally as well.
Thank you so very much for adding all this to the story. Thank you for giving us Percival Graves. It changed a lot of lives, mine included, and changed them for the better.


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05-09-2018 22:31

Wiemy ze będzie Pan w następnym odcinku i czekamy na Pana z niecierpliwością <3 <3 <3 Tu mogłabym zrobić długą listę tego co mnie, oraz drugich pań s naszej społeczności powala na kolana ale chyba prościej będzie powiedzieć "WSZYSTKO!" )))

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