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дневник заведен 13-02-2003
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solace, Красавец Мужчина
17-04-2003 19:54 Джорж - ты ковбой
Вот, перевел телегу Жирика о том что Буш ковбой. Молодец жирик, хорошо сказал, главное что от души.

George, you're cowboy!
Do you hear me, you're shithead cowboy!
You stop man, and hide your bombs
Or you think that all of us should live in catacombs?
Hey George, forget about you father,
We had one mother fucker that avenged his brother
And we lost our empire,
Great Russian Empire!
Other piece of shit for grandfather avenged and right to hell fell Soviet Age
We say you no, Russian, German and French, and you listen us, listen, you dirty wench!
You’re country is bazaar, USA is slowly dying
Only money, money, money! You’re administration is only lying!
Your youth runs from the states
And you gonna loose, loose by any rates!

You have no music, and you have no writers, everybody listen for Russian classics
Festivals, sports, idea, here in Russia and we love our country
And you, you’re disgrace of your nation, your precursor Clinton made too a sensation
Whom you should be, to fuck in White House Monika bitch? An American president!
Or maybe you think its ok if you rich?
Sure, rich! Dicksuckers, fagots and onanists! Iraq ain’t no playground, even when win, you loose
Here, with your soldiers, it never will be for ya smooth!

Hey George, watch again your favourite cowboy films
Only blood and killing, you’re like massacre George too it seems
But you look into Iraq skies, deep blue, Iraq skies
Baghdad ain’t no Kabul and ain’t no Berlin, here spirit of freedom flies
Sadaam only one who tells you “Eat your shit”, for eleven years
And he will kick your ass there, as his people like him, and he about them cares
Your million of soldiers, your tanks, and your bombs, they won’t help you, and you know it, you’re afraid
Afraid, just as your father were afraid, when he, like you now was killing children, exchanging on oil their tears and death
If you knew history you shithead cowboy, you would know that Napoleon lost Waterloo and Hitler lost Berlin
Baghdad is your grave; it will be the payment for your stupidity and sins
Go to your Texas rancho, ride your Buffalo jeep and learn Spanish as New York already speaks Russian
We’ll send more ten million of our citizen, and win election in US diluting your nation
And you, you will get a jail cell in Butirka; you will never win that war
Against you - Europe, Russia and all Muslims of the world
Our president said clear in Russian – Don’t you dare bomb Iraq, you, damn fascist!
We would better together smash fucking Tbilisi; we can find aims for us both
Remember you, you are not of this big world only Boss!
With whom you think you can play, we have weapon!
Want to see our rockets that bring death on?
Or at night, we’ll change globe gravitation,
And that will be end on the bottom of ocean for your nation!