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29-04-2003 12:30 Herbaria of souls
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Herbaria of souls

New world without your mind, just emptiness of non-existence and presence of spirit that remembers after death or after life who may know nobody I guess not me not we are. Now, Im here, in a place where I feel I belong

I I dont know
What should I do next?
Is that eternal rest?
Who am I?
Where am I?
Show me the way
Ill follow

You can fly
You can imagine
You can do whatever you want
But do you need this?

You can cry
You can spend your tears
You can laugh
But is that what you found at least?

If there is nobody who can share your world
Or there is
I see in me

- Where am I?
- Its a dream
- Who are you?
- Im your dream. Im you
- But how can it be???
- Here, there can be everything -
- So strange -
- Here, its not, here, there is nothing strange -
- In dream
- In dream that is real for you. Do you still recall what you had before? -
- I do I had Arghhhhh -
- What is it? Remember it! Face it again!
- No!
- Yes, you must, to get rid of it!

Death that we are waiting for in the misty mornings,
Still, with closed eyes and that never comes

Fear of never ending gray days days in shadows,
And fears that will come with new hopes

Light, that will never visit this home,
But darkness, that left it many years ago just I left

Daydreaming nights without dreams
What will come next Im looking for an answer

Crawling on my knees, running with the winds through the worlds,
And staying at one place, hardly breathing

Looking for something new
But finding only rust. rust rust

- Im moving on touch, to find you where are you?
- Im inside. Reached me?
- Im trying
- No. That wont do. Repeat after me life, dead, life, dead -
- Life. Dead, life, dead whats the essence of it?
- You life and death of course, silly, mix it together, and you will reach meee!!!!
- And we will be together?
- Forever. I promise you that! Come!
- I will be with you soon
- Im waiting always here for you
- Im coming -

Fly to find.
Release yourself to be found.
Dont live it all around
And have no doubt
No doubt in yourself
No doubt in me