Mind travelling
дневник заведен 13-02-2003
постоянные читатели [2]
solace, Красавец Мужчина
29-03-2003 11:53 Emotional jump #1
Type: Emotional Strike
Inspirative: York Zoo (Oakenfold remix to Lux Aeterna)
Time of Insight: Early morning, spring.
Condition: Mind transformation
Final Destination: Dark cages in early lights of a huge city sun, that never shine, dancing shadows in the mind of those, who was born to be free, but spared for the sights of a masters, that never will be slaves, but dreamdead in their arrogance. Anger. Lust. Hate. Last hope, that is always there, never expires, and never comes true. No way to run. Place, that is a part of the Eternity – an ultimate prison for a soul of everyone…

I will be there, where someone is waiting…